10/52 – sundew/snowdrops

10/52 - sundew/snowdrops

The Spring

Out of hope’s eternal spring
Bubbled once my mountain stream
Moss and sundew, fern and fell,
Valley, summer, tree and sun
All rose up, and all are gone.

By the spring I saw my love
(All who have parted once must meet,
First we live, and last forget),
With the stars about his head
With the future in his heart,
Lay the green earth at my feet

Now by the spring I stand alone
Still are it’s singing waters flowing;
Oh never thought I here to greet
Shadowy death who comes this way
Where hope’s waters rise and play!

– Kathleen Raine

Thought this poem would be perfect this week – the first day of spring is 10 days away! Recently found this poem in a poetry anthology I found at a used bookstore here in Vancouver 🙂 More coming soon…! 🙂


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