5/52 – Catharsis, driftwood and grass


Catharsis is the word to describe this week. Have seemed to hit a sweet spot this week with my writing and felt ALIVE after the creative writing class I am taking. 🙂 Am feeling a bit brave tonight and will post a bit of what I wrote.

Letting go is much like the journey to the beach, down this long path through fields of high grass, listening to the long, lonely cries of seagulls high above. Their haunting shrieks are at once loud, the next echoing and far off, muffled by the dunes of sand. The long grass is interrupted only by the sand, and lonely fences, their paint chipped and weatherbeaten. Here I can let go, feel the freedom that has been lacking for so long. Taking out my braid I feel my hair cascading down my back, picked up by the wind coming in off the ocean. Smelling the salt air, the touch of light mist on my skin is like finding freedom at last. Feeling my skirt whip in the wind, I am suddenly running, running, all my cares thrown to the wind, these molecules of salt air beading through my hair.


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