I know I will find my prince charming…he is out there somewhere. He will flash a huge grin that will cover his face (and the only thing more noticeable will be his big sparkling eyes). He will perhaps wink, or come my way and offer a “hello”. Me, being the shy person I am will probably only be able to nod approval or give a shy smile back. Hopefully it will get past that point – or perhaps I will be able to overcome my shyness and we will talk for hours and hours. Maybe we will meet at a coffee shop, staying until we are the last people inside and the dredges of our tea will have run dry, small, dry tears on the bottoms of our cups (have never been able to take to coffee and he will perhaps be the same way). Or perhaps we will meet in a bookstore, we will be absorbed in the search for that perfect book and reach for it at the same time, our hands wrapping overtop of each others. We will cast a glance sideways and smile at each other. Perhaps he will be shy as well and only be able to offer that half smile that cute boys seem to have. Perhaps we will meet out on the street, me lugging my big camera around – he will have one as well. Maybe we will be so distracted looking for that perfect photo we will walk right into each other – things can happen that way.
Know maybe that he will have those big, shining eyes, and a cute mop of hair. Maybe an athletic build and strong arms from carrying huge piles of books (bookish nerds are cute). Maybe pair of glasses, slim and modern, a plaid shirt and jeans – a pair of 1969s from the Gap….they always seem to fit so well and we will be a perfect fit for each other.

Know he is out there somewhere. He will have a huge grin covering his face and big sparkling eyes that will envelop me, wrap me in those big arms of his and never, ever let me go.

This is the first piece I have written since creative writing class in grade 11 – writing is my other love and what I would love to balance doing along with my photography. Feeling somewhat brave in posting this tonight…hoping you guys like it too and more writing will come soon…


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